Par Four – The Par 4 opening hole doglegs slightly to the right. A series of three bunkers guard the landing area, two on the left and one on the right. The correct line for your tee shot is to aim over the right bunker, provided you can carry it. The green, at 41 yards deep will require careful club selection.


Par Five – This monster of a Par 5 will be a three shot hole for most players. If you can carry the bunker on the left, working your ball away from the hazards down the right side will provide you with the largest margin for error. Laying-up towards the green is a straightforward shot. Plan your lay-up to your favorite yardage as this green is small and well protected.


Par Three – If the pin is tucked behind the front bunker, pay attention to the numbers to reach the font-left portion of the green. Keeping in mind, if you keep your shot to the right and miss-hit it, two putting may be easier than getting up and down from the bunker.


Par Four – Swing freely off the tee and enjoy one of the most generous fairways on the course. This downhill hole may play shorter than the card but don’t get comfortable as a diabolical green awaits. Your approach shot is into a severely sloping green from front to back, take this into account when hitting your shot. Best of luck!


Par Four –  If you carry the bunkers on the left, you will be rewarded with a shorter approach to a tricky and undulating green, the safe play is to the 150 yard marker. But watch out, come up short and your approach shot may be blocked from the green. A miss to the right collection area will give you your best chance for an up and down.


Par Three – Get an accurate yardage and take dead aim!


Par Four – A short but very well protected Par 4. The ideal tee shot will land short of the right greenside bunker. Be wary of the fescue down the left side and error to the right off the tee. A large well placed bunker guards this deceptively undulating green, your approach is better a little long then short.


Par Five– Not much danger from the tee here. May be time to let the shaft out! When going for it in two, there is water right of the green. Planning your lay-up shot to 100 yards will take the left fairway bunker out of play.


Par Four – Driver will clear the water off the tee. Playing your approach shot, a miss left will sink (H20) while a miss to the right leaves you an opportunity to get it up-and-down.


Par Four – Carrying the left bunker is out of the question. A shot favoring the right side of the fairway leaves the largest margin for error provided you can carry your tee shot past the bunkers on the right. The green is 43 yards deep. Factor this in when selecting your approach club. A miss right will be your easiest up and down.


Par Four – A fairly tame Par 4. If you know you have enough club to hit it past the bunker on the left you can swing freely; but, take note of the yardage to the end of the fairway to avoid the hazard crossing the fairway. Your approach shot is to a well guarded two-tier green, calculating the correct yardage for your approach may pay big dividends.


Par Four – Driver off the tee is the play but if it’s downwind or firm the pond may come into play. If you avoid the large bunker down the right side you will be left with a forced carry to the green.  Your approach shot is to a large green, a miss right is your best chance for up and down.


Par Three – A great little Par 3. It’s all in front of you in plain view. The water on the left isn’t in play. Not much between you and a birdie here.


Par Five – Your tee shot should favour the right side of the fairway as there is water down the left, but beware of out of bounds right. If you are able to carry the bunker on the right, you can swing freely. The best lay-up position will keep you right of the left fairway bunker. The green is 50 yards deep, be sure to factor this in when selecting your approach club.


Par Four – Hole 15 is a challenging dog-leg left Par 4 with a large bunker protecting the corner. You will want to keep your tee shot right of the left bunker unless you can carry it. Pin position will come into play when selecting your approach club to this wide and narrow green. Your approach shot to the left side is substantially longer than to the right.


Par Four – The longest Par 4 on the course. There are no hazards from the tee allowing you to swing freely and get a good start on this demanding hole. Getting on the green in two is quite an accomplishment. Your easiest up and down will come from short or left of the green.


Par Three – The 44 yard deep green is protected by two large bunkers, one left and one right. Get an accurate yardage to the pin and take dead aim.


Par Five – This beautiful and challenging finishing hole requires a well struck tee shot that will leave you the option of laying-up in front of the green or going for the green in two. Pay close attention to a pin position on the right as your carry to reach the green is substantially farther than a pin on the left.


  • R.C.G.A & Local Rules govern all play
  • Lateral Water Hazards - Defined by red stakes
  • Out of Bounces - Dfined by white stakes


  • Please keep carts out of fescue and long grass areas
  • Please fill divots with sand provided
  • Repair ball marks and rake bunkers
  • Carts must remain on the path for all Par 3's
  • If you are unable to keep pace with the group in front, you may be asked to move up


Play the tees that are appropriate for your handicap. At Watson's Glen we suggest:
Red Tees - 25+ index
Blue Tees - up to 14 index
White Tees - 15-24 index
Gold Tees - under 5 index (with approval from the Pro Shop)


  • Have your club in hand and be ready when it is your turn to hit
  • Take a few clubs if you are unsure which one you might need
  • Employ continuous putting whenever possible
  • Read your putt while others are making theirs
  • Play a provisional if you think your ball is lost
  • Hit your shot when the group in front is safely out of the way
  • Drop playing partner off at their ball and continue on to yours
We appreciate your efforts in helping us to maintain a healthy page of play. We are committed to ensuring that the day is enjoyable for you and the golfers behind you.
CC Golf Group